ah1 studio

Lee Bass

Ah1 Studio was founded by Producer and Dj Lee Bass with the focus on a creative Space with the feel of a private home and the professionality of a Studio. Together with Chaikov he runs the daily business.

AH1 is translated into Audio House 1 or.. simply the A1 side of a Record πŸ˜‰

Founded in 2017 Top Notch Artists like Anthony B, Ghanaian Stallion, Gato Preto, Carmen β€žZeliaβ€œ Brown, AWA and many more found their way to Ah1 Studio.

We have 2 rooms: 1 for recordings and another one for mixing and doing music.




What we offer


ah1 studio


First of all we do Recordings for Vocalists, Instrumentalists and Bands from professionals to hobbyists.

Secondly we offer professional Mixing and Mastering of your tunes and last we can provide you with creativity from Beats to a finished song.

Last part goes within the Genres we (as musicians) and artists can provide for.Please see Artist section for more or listen to the music on our website player.
If you want to know anything about prices please contact us with detailed informations on what you want us to do for you